Closing the Coverage Gap


In the past two years, hundreds of thousands of Georgians have signed up for low-cost health coverage. Being covered means they are less stressed, more financially secure, and healthier. This is exciting progress, yet there is still a missing piece.

About 300,000 Georgians remain unable to get coverage. These Georgians are veterans, working parents, and low-wage workers. They are our friends, family members, and neighbors. They do not qualify for Medicaid and do not make enough money to get financial help through the health insurance Marketplace (also called They are stuck in the coverage gap.

Our elected officials have the power to solve this problem. The health care law was designed so that all Americans could access quality, affordable health insurance, but our state government still has work to do. Governor Deal and the state legislature can choose to use federal tax dollars that have been already set aside to provide coverage to those in the gap. 

On this page you will find resources and information about our campaign to close the gap in Georgia. To learn more about the Cover Georgia coalition (or if you are an existing coalition partner and want to access additional advocacy tools and resources), visit our Cover Georgia coalition page here.

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Dequnshe Cousin

Dequnshe is a working mother of three children, but her employer doesn’t offer coverage and she doesn’t make enough to qualify for financial help in the Marketplace. “I’m working for a living, but unfortunately I don’t qualify for health care coverage.”

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Sep 24, 2015
Expanding Medicaid coverage in Georgia has benefits, experts say

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